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What is Neve Yerushalayim?

Neve’s mission is to educate, empower, and inspire young Jewish women. Neve was founded in 1970 by Rabbi Dr. David Refson to give Jewish women a Torah education in a vibrant, open-minded atmosphere. Women who come to Neve might have a beginner’s knowledge of Judaism or wish to discover more about their Jewish identity. We also accept students who have an advanced education and want to deepen their understanding and become leaders. Neve gives the support needed to help women challenge the status quo and make independent choices.

While Corona has created new obstacles to the world of Kiruv, Neve has fully instituted an initiative that provides both education and support to all of our alumnae as well as continuing our important outreach.

What is The Neve Family Institute?

The Neve Family Institute, located in Har Nof, Jerusalem is a grassroots therapeutic center that has been serving the greater Jerusalem area for nearly 19 years by offering low-cost therapy to the local populace, many coming from the country’s poorest segment of the population, empowering families, children and women to lead selfsufficient lives. Services are multi-faceted including individual and group therapy for post trauma, domestic abuse, marital challenges, various disabilities and selfsufficiency. One of the major divisions within the Family Institute is the Children’s Center whose goal is to help children suffering from various crises and challenges, necessitating the addition of a Post-Traumatic department. A specially-trained domestic violence treatment team provides counseling, support, and preventive services for men and women who have experienced or are in relationships involving physical, sexual or psychological abuse.

During the current Corona Pandemic, these life saving services are needed more than ever!

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Help Neve reach their fundraising goal and enter yourself into the sweepstakes for your chance to win one of twelve incredible prizes. On the night of the event, twelve lucky winners will be chosen LIVE ON AIR to 'SPIN THAT WHEEL!'

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2 Entries


5 EntriesSponsor 1 Therapy Session


8 EntriesSponsor Sefarim for a new student


10 EntriesSponsor a student for 1 week


15 EntriesSponsor a kiddush in honor of a student's Jewish name


18 EntriesSponsor a day of "Virtual Neve"


20 EntriesSponsor a Neve Shabbos experience


25 EntriesSponsor a Neve Student's Learning for a month


30 EntriesSponsor a Student's Ticket for Neve


35 EntriesSponsor the full 28 session treatment of a child of domestic abuse


40 ENTRIESSponsor a bas mitzvah


45 EntriesSponsor a Neve Outreach College Program


60 EntriesSponsor shadchan services for one month for Neve Alumn


75 EntriesSponsor a Neve student for a semester of learning


90 EntriesSponsor Neve Chavrusa Program


100 EntriesSponsor Neve's Art Program


125 EntriesSponsor a Neve student for 12 months of learning


150 EntriesSponsor Neve Learning for month

*Donations $36 and above - Your name will appear scrolled on the ticker during the live performance.
*Donations $180 and above - An On-Screen Message will appear scrolled on the ticker during the live performance. (Happy Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Refuah Shleima, ...)
*Donations $360 and above - An On-Screen Live Shout Out from our Co-Hosts with your message (Happy Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Refuah Shleima, Thank you ...)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually Limitless Talent

charlene Aminoff headshot

Charlene Aminoff

Charlene Aminoff is the wife of a Hatzolah hero, Mommy of 5 Miracles, CEO & Founder of Gali’s Couture Wigs, Clothing Designer and a World-Renowned Speaker on all topics of Emunah and Inspiration. Charlene has grown a strong social media platform and uses her powerful and influential voice to create a Kiddush Hashem, while helping bring people closer to Hashem through her Nishmat Movement, covering their hair or Frum Fashion. Charlene considers herself an Ambassador of Hashem and aims to spread light to her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers.

shimi Adar headshot

Shimi Adar

Shimrit Adar (AKA Shimi) was born in Israel and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Though she currently resides there with her husband and five children, she thoroughly enjoys spreading her joy all over the world. Shimi is a motivational speaker, an MC, and an entertainer. The events range from bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and nursing home functions for the elderly to events for children with cancer and other illnesses...and everything in between! Shimi has been involved in Kiruv work for her entire adult life. She worked in a Kiruv school for almost a decade, while simultaneously joining Oorah’s Girl Zone as Program Director for 12 years, where she was lovingly referred to as “Miz Dar.” Shimi taught Zumba classes for a decade, even spearheading several Zumbathons for charity, with a cover story in the Wall Street Journal. She was (and continues to be!) the MC at numerous Challah Bakes, including one down in Panama! Shimi ran the Shimi2Jewmba Children’s Sunday Program for 4 years. She thoroughly enjoys making a difference and enriching children’s lives. Shimi’s spirit and her passion for making a positive impact on people have taken her to cities far and wide. Atlanta. Toronto. Miami. Lakewood. Dallas. Jerusalem. Panama City. Johannesburg. Rio Grande. Punta Cana. Shimi loves sharing meaningful slogans and quotes. One of her favorite mottos that she lives by is, “Be the reason someone smiles.”

Dalia Oziel headshot

Dalia Oziel

Dalia Oziel is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, producer, and content creator. Her album “Stained Glass,” home of the beloved song “Almost There,” is available on all music platforms, along with her singles and her covers from Instagram. Her passion and emotion comes across in her music and covers. She is currently busy working on Album #2 as well as producing covers and interactive content for her 18,000 followers on her private Instagram page for women only!

Chaya Kogan headshot

Chaya Kogan

Chaya grew up in a musical family. As she got older she felt the need to put out modern jewish women's music so women and girls would not have to look outside the jewish world. Since then she has released an album of original jewish pop songs and has put out numerous popular music videos.

Tanya Trestman headshot

Tanya Trestman

Tanya Trestman has a BA in music from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. She studied voice and guitar for many years and has performed at conferences, cabarets, and in various theatrical presentations. Her debut performance was at the age of 14 which helped springboard her to further pursue her performing and writing interests, which have helped her become the singer-songwriter she is today. Her new single “The Lady Who Wore Pink” is available on all streaming platforms and the lyrics video can be viewed on Youtube as well as her Instagram account (tanyatmusic). Tanya strives to write music that tells stories and evokes emotions beyond the words of her lyrics and will be releasing new music in the near future!

Shaindy Plotzker headshot

Shaindy Plotzker

Shaindy Plotzker is a singer/songwriter as well as a recording artist, lyricist, and musical producer. She has written and sung many songs for different organizations such as Oorah, Chai Lifeline, and many others. She went to seminary on the Neve campus and enjoyed interacting with the incredible girls of Neve over her year. Shaindy is a big believer in the power of a positive attitude and that a smile can go a long way. She sings with passion and emotion, using her music to uplift and inspire Jewish women and girls around the globe. Her latest songs “Ah-Yay”, “Keep us safe”, “Rise”, and others will be available soon on all streaming platforms. You can follow her music journey on her female-only music page, @ShaindyPlotzkerMusic.

Bracha Jaffe headshot

Bracha Jaffe

Bracha is a popular star among musicians, producers and Jewish audiences worldwide, alongside her career as a nurse practitioner. Her stardom took off at her very first show for Ezer Mizion where she raised $40,000.00 at the age of 16. Since then, she keeps audiences riveted with her passionate performances at concerts and events around the globe.

Ayden Crispe headshot

Ayden Crispe

Ayden Crispe is 15 years old and lives in the rural, picturesque town of Danby, Vermont where there are more cows than people. At the age of 14, Ayden released a full length album of original music, Vellichor, available on all music platforms. You can often find her playing local shows in barns and venues with her guitar. She is a competitive snowboarder and spends most of her time out in nature.

Sorah Shaffren headshot

Sorah Shaffren

Sorah Shaffren of Bergenfield, NJ, is a teacher, performer, and lyricist. She is the Creative Director of Meorot, an all girls production in Bergen County. She is the Program Director of Camp Dina in the Poconos. She loves to sing her heart out with her five kids, her talmidos, her campers, and Jewish women everywhere! Request to follow @sorahshaffren on Instagram.

Mindy Blatt headshot

Mindy Blatt

Mindy is a 15 year old singer/actress who’s been performing in plays since the age of seven! She went on to perform as a child soloist for Bonei Olam and Ten Yad. Shortly after she was cast as Annie in Rachel's Place Jinji! She continued to perform soloist roles in the Bandman and Katalina, and had a lead role in this year's production of Ragamuffin. Mindy absolutely loves to use her talent to make people happy.

Yael Harris Resnick headshot

Yael Harris Resnick

Yael Harris Resnick is a self-taught multimedia artist known for her hand painted silk, acrylic paintings and, most strikingly, integrating silk accents on her canvases. Much of Yael’s work involves Judaic and Biblical motifs and illustrates the splendor of the land of Israel using a vibrantly colorful palette. Yael also strives to bring brave female heroines into the limelight. Yael’s work captures the ancient raw emotion of Jewish history while maintaining a relevant vividness of modern times. Yael is an award-winning artist who lives in Israel with her husband and four kids. You can find Yael's work at YaelHarrisResnick.com

Bari Mitzmann  headshot

Bari Mitzmann

Bari believes the antidote to many 21st century problems facing modern women is having more meaningful connections. To that end, she has left a career in teaching and outreach to reach out to others outside of traditional learning settings. She is the host of the Woman of Valor Podcast and is a content creator on instagram @barianna. Her content aims to facilitate conversations where women can feel safe, heard, and encouraged.

Shaindel Antelis headshot

Shaindel Antelis

Shaindel Antelis is a singer/songwriter who has been performing for over a decade and aims to inspire and uplift women and girls everywhere. She has written hundreds of original songs about getting through challenges, the pursuit of happiness, and getting through the ups and downs of life. Her four albums are available in stores, itunes, and all digital platforms. It is an honor and a pleasure to be involved with virtually limitless, Neve holds a special place in Shaindel's heart, as Shaindel spent six months as a student in neve and a year and a half as a madricha there as well!

Nechama Cohen headshot

Nechama Cohen

Releasing her first album “Heartbeat” almost 7 years ago, Nechama took the Jewish world by storm with her original compositions, lyrics and sweet voice. She has since released multiple hit singles including “Edge of Prayer” and “I Still Have You”. Her music and lyrics are soulful and meaningful and a breath of fresh air. With her profound take on life and its' challenges, her voice carries pure emotion and touches those who hear her. Her music is a source of strength for many, as she performs her songs internationally for thousands. Iconically known for her talent and heart, Nechama aims to inspire and share her love of music with women and girls around the world. Nechama’s music is available in stores and online (to buy or stream) wherever you listen to music! www.nechamamusic.com @nechamamusic on youtube and all social medias!!

julia BLOOM headshot

Julia Blum

Julia Blum Berger is a native of Los Angeles. She began studying music at age 3 and performing professionally at age 12. After attending Beverly Hills High School, she graduated Cum Laude from Yale University and then began exploring her Jewish background at Neve Yerushalayim, subsequently choosing to lead to an observant life. She has performed her songs for tens of thousands of girls and women throughout the world. Julia currently resides in Los Angeles with her amazing husband Brad and their wonderful children.

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